Rabbi Shimon barbi

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Rabbi Shimon barbi or bar Rabbi was a wise Eretz Yisrael in the generation of transition between the Tannaim Amoraim, the youngest son of Rabbi Yehudah Hanassi.

Was one of his father's disciples, and his father came closer to the rest of his disciples, since his students, his father, who were older than him, Rabbi Chiya and Rabbi Yishma'el, Rabbi Yossi or Bar Kappara learned a Bible from his mouth, and he was given the last word in determining the book. His father's appreciation of him was expressed in the fact that he called him "the candle of Israel." Before his passing, Rebbi called him and gave him "Seder Chachma." Rebbi praised and was very careful to damage his honor.

Rabbi Shimon has great importance in transferring the Mishna from his father to future generations. Jacob Nahum Epstein concludes that the final editing of the mishna was in his day, and according to his version. In the Talmud, Rabbi Shimon describes the Mishna as a young man, and according to this mishnah Rabbi Shimon corrected Rabbi in his old age. There are those who claim that the same year that Rav Moshe was a young man was preserved by R. Shimon, and because R. Shimon served as a sage in Yeshivat Rabban Gamliel Barbi (see above), this Mishnah became the Eretz Israel version of the Mishnah, as reflected in the Jerusalem Talmud, Rav Babylon, and is the source of the Babylonian version of the Mishnah, as reflected in the Babylonian Talmud.

In both Talmuds his wedding is described. According to the Yerushalmi it was still in the lifetime of Rabbi Meir (Rabbi of Rabbi). He may have been engaged to R 'Haya's daughter, but she died shortly before their marriage. When he had a daughter, his father consoled him, but Bar Kappara told him that these were condolences. Apparently engaged in a partnership with R. Hiyya in silk trade. Described as rich.

Although he was the wisest of the sons of a rabbi, he was not appointed as the head of the Sanhedrin after the death of Rabbi, because he was not the firstborn, but was appointed "Chacham", meaning the head of the yeshiva under the presidency of his older brother Rabban Gamliel. When Rabbi Kahana immigrated from Babylon to the Land of Israel, he found R. Shimon different in the name of Rabbi Yishmael, Rabbi Yossi, and some proved that he extended for many decades after the death of Rabbi until the time of the presidency of Rabbi Judah.

Rabbi Hiyya praised the fact that he succeeded in canceling the stones of Markoulis from the prohibition of idolatry, by means of a trick. "And the mother of her mother is a bar."

His teachings
Rabbi Shimon barbi is mentioned in the Mishnah of Rabbi once (Mishnah, Tractate Makot, chapter 3, mishnah 15):

"He says," Only strong is not to eat blood, because blood is the soul, etc. "And what if the blood of a person's soul is more enduring than he, who retires from it receives a reward, a robbery and a sexual sacrifice? His generations until the end of all generations "

Nevertheless, it is quoted in the Gemara in the language of "Itamar" which characterizes the words of the Amoraim. One halakhah is cited in the Talmud Bavli, Tractate Yevamot, page 34, page 1: "Everyone admits that his ex-wife is born defective to the priesthood." The only sage who gives a taste of halakhah in his Talmudic name is Rabbi Achah Bar Chanina (Talmud Yerushalmi, Tractate Yoma, ', Halacha 2).


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